Sustainability & Our Responsibilities

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment wherever we can. We want to help create a sustainable future for the generations of people in front of us, and we’re committed to finding new ways to support the planet and community we’re part of. Here’s a taster of how.

What We Currently Do

Waste Management

We work closely with Biffa Waste Management, who, using their expertise and innovation are helping the UK on its path to a circular economy, while championing sustainable communities. Together we are transforming our waste into valuable resources and lessening its impact on the environment. Some of our key steps are:

  • Food waste is taken to an Anaerobic Digestion Plant to be used to produce energy.
  • We have separate recycling for paper, glass, and plastic - with 100% of all waste recycled.
  • All waste is sorted for recycling to further improve the process.

Since September 2023, 100% of all our waste has been diverted from landfill. This waste has been recycled, sorted, or used to produce green energy.

Stats provided by © Biffa Waste Management. June 2023-April 2024.

Local Suppliers

As a pub focused on our local community, we thought it only right to make sure our suppliers are local too. Below are just some of them.

  • Class One - Skipton-based fresh produce supplier, with over 60% of stock sourced locally.
  • Tarbett's Fishmongers - Yorkshire's largest independent fishmonger, offering sustainably and responsibly sourced fish from the British Isles and overseas.
  • J. Paul Leadbeater & Son Family Butchers - local to Keighley.
  • Matthew Clark - national alcohol supplier with a local depot committed to a low-carbon output operation.
  • Harrogate Spring Water - sustainably packaged and locally sourced.
  • Hooting Owl Distillery - a Yorkshire-based artisan distillery, founded by a green innovator, and committed to sustainable practice.
  • And of course Timothy Taylor's brewery who own and manage the pub, supplying award-winning cask ales from Keighley. You can find out more about their sustainability efforts here.

Towel Signage

We have signs in all of our hotel rooms advising against water wastage to prevent the unnecessary washing of towels.

Onsite/Local Staff

This helps both prevent unnecessary travelling, and benefits our local community.

Low Flow Toilets

We off a low flow option on all toilets to prevent water waste.

Refillable Room Amenities

This results in less packaging, less plastic, and also less potential for multi-use items being wasted.

Induction Hob

Our induction hob in our kitchen reduces gas usage in favour of greener electricity.

LED Lights & Energy Saving Bulbs

These are used throughout the pub to lower our overall energy usage. Accommodation lighting has also been changed to motion-activated lighting, in order to reduce energy consumption.

What We Are Aiming To Do

Solar Panels

We are currently looking at viable options for the pub to increase our use of green energy.

Electric Car Charging Ports

We hope to soon be able to install our first EV charging points in our car park, for guests with electric and hybrid vehicles.

Refurbished & Upcycled Furniture

During our upcoming refurb, existing furniture will be assessed and upcycled where possible, thus helping reduce waste.